Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Animals That God Created

It is truly amazing to see  all  the animals that God has made.  His work is the best I have ever seen.  Have you and your family gone to the zoo?
Look closely at the design of the zebra's stripes.  Truly the work of the Master's hand.
How God's hands made the legs and neck of a Giraffe is a sight to behold.  The Giraffe is not clumsy with his gait and has such big beautiful eyes and the design and colors of the Giraffe's body can only made by the Master's hand.
Look carefully at all the spots of  a Lepeord...and see his magnificant muscular lean body and tail.  Such an amazing creature that only God can make.
Take a look at the huge Elephant. Now this animal is very strong and can lift heavy things with his mighty trunk.  What made the Lord decide on such big ears? His coat is gray and all weathery with many wrinkles. God had decided to allow this animal to be gentle and also to be feared. 
When I see all the different kinds of animals that God alone had made, I am in awe and wonder of his great works.  Truly, truly I do not know the mind of God when he made each individual animal.  However  I am so glad that he made them all for me to enjoy and be amazed at the perfect design of each one.  Oh Yes everything is the work of the Master's hand.

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  1. I too am amazed of the work by the Master's Hands!!! Amen