Saturday, January 29, 2011


I was a young woman when I left home for the first time.  I found a small cheap one room to live in.  I had to share a bathroom down the hall.  It wasn't anything at all like home but it would be just fine.

One day a couple who also lived in this  flat, asked me if I would like to come to church with them.  At first I was reluctant because I did not know them very well, but as I listened to them talk about God , I knew what they were talking about, for I have known God  all my life.

I sat in the back seat of the car and as we were driving on our way to church and the battery in my hearing aid was fading fast.  I looked into my purse for another battery but I could not find one.  I dug my hands into the pockets of my jacket hoping to find a battery to be there.  I felt a battery in one pocket but when I saw it, my heart sank.  I had an awful, sick feeling in my stomach.  The battery was green  and corroded.  I knew it was ruined and was not good for anything.  In despair, I sat there staring at this dead battery.  I heard a familiar voice come from deep within my heart .  God was speaking and he said, "Put the battery in your hearing aid and turn it on."  I protested and said, "But Lord, the battery is worthless!"  Again with a gentle voice the Lord spoke, " Put the battery in your hearing aid and turn it on!"  "Lord", I answered, "Surely you don't mean it!"  The voice this time was gentle as before, but added a firm tone, and said, "put it on!"

Finally. I said, "Okay, Lord".  I put that corroded green battery in and turned on my hearing aid.  With amazement, I soon heard sounds coming into my ear.  I began to cry with deep sadness because I did not obey the Lord's voice right away.  Oh Lord, I am so sorry that I did not listen to you the first time.  Thank you for your wonderful miracle!  I love you Lord.  Help me to share this story so that whoever reads it will believe in you Lord.  You are truly awesome!!
                              Marianne Brady

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  1. Loved this Marianne....I have had moments like these, and moments where I didn't listen and was disappointed later....I listen now! :-) thanks for sharing!