Thursday, January 27, 2011


Many years ago, I was a mail carrier.  I loved being outdoors, walking my route and delivering the mail.

My usual routine was to punch in at 6:30 a.m.  I would sort through many letters, magazines, and small packages, bundle them up in order and load everything in my jeep.  The last thing I did was to check my jeep to make sure everything was in good working order.  By 9:00 a.m. I was ready to start my day.  Depending on gthe weather, I could have a long day or  a short one.

On this particular day, my usual routine wasn't routine at all!  As I began walking on my route it started to rain.  The rain itself is not unusual, but I have a severe hearing loss and I wear a hearing aid.  If the hearing aid gets wet it will be ruined.  I took out my hearing aid and tucked it into the pocket of my pants.  It had rained all day long and after 6 hours I finally finished my route.  I rode back to the post office, turned in my jeep keys, hung up my heavy wet mail bag and punched out.

Before I leave, I always check and make sure I have my car keys,--I got those, I said to myself.  I patted my back pocket,  "yep, my wallet was there."  Then, I dug deep in my front pockets for my hearing aid.  "There wasn't anything in my pockets!!"  I checked my mail bag  and my jeep  and there was no hearing aid to be found!  Now, I was getting panicky!  Oh my God, where is my hearing aid?  I checked over everything again.  Nothing!  Now, my heart was beating fast.  That hearing aid, smaller than my thumb, was somewhere out on my long 6 hour route.  I had to find it!  I was frantic!  Everyday, after work, I looked and looked for a whole week.  I was totally exhausted.

Finally, I turned to God and prayed, " Oh God, I need a miracle!  I need that hearing aid.  I can't hear  without it.  Help me, please!"

On the second day, after telling my heart wrenching prayer to God, I was out delivering my mail as usual.  While walking along, I just happened to glance down at the grass for just a second  and there lay my tiny hearing aid.  I thought the hot sun was getting to me.  I blinked my eyes and looked again.  I stared long and hard and gulped.  "Oh my goodness, it really was my hearing aid!"  I picked it up and another thought popped in my head.  With discouragement, I said to myself, "it rained several days during the week and my hearing aid was probably ruined."  Then, I suddenly heard a small voice clearly within my heart, saying, "Put your hearing aid on."  I hesitated and I was doubtful that it would work but I obeyed  and put my hearing aid on.

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