Saturday, February 12, 2011


I feel so sad inside of me
because I lost my job you see

Oh yes I came...ready to walk that beat in rain or shine each day.
Delivering those letters of joy and sadness and even some bills for you to pay.

Now it's been 7 months since they told me I was fired.
I've been fighting so long and hard and now I'm very tired.

They stripped away my bag and my beat that for 10 years once belonged to me.
I'm still in pain and angry too...It really can't be happening...It just can't be!

My very special trademark was that burlap mail bag and those expensive black shoes
Which carried tons of mail and walked a million miles in my uniform blues.

I feel so sad inside of me
because I lost my job you see.

Marianne Brady   This poem was written in 1995

1 comment:

  1. How sad....I'm so sorry for this time in your life Marianne! It sounds so painful, I hope you can look back on your time at the p.o. now and see the joyful times too and see where God has brought you to you!