Friday, January 21, 2011

My experience with high school and college

 All thru my school years I was placed in special education because I was deaf.  When I went to high school at Dearborn High the kids there were cruel.  My special education classmates were teased much  and I was the one who defended them.  My education in high school did not go beyond 5th grade level.  In my senior year I told my teacher that I was going to college and he said, "Marianne, that is just not possible.  When  I graduated in my cap  and gown I was not proud at all.  I said to my mom  and dad, "This cap  and gown and diploma means absolutely nothing to me. I want you to be really proud of me.  I recieved a 5th grade education  and that does not cut it for me.  I told them I want  to go to College.  They told me it would be very hard but we will support you and we will pay for your education.

I did go to College.  I went to  Wayne County Community College, Wayne State University, and  Henry Ford Community College.  But let me tell you this.  It was very very hard for me.  I never had biology, I never wrote an English Paper, I never had Chemistry,...all  the classes that I had in College I never had in Junior High or High School.  How hard was College  for me?  I cried a lot, I had to take some classes over again, I studied day and night. The library was my home.  I was not a normal student who took 4 classes per semester...I took 1 class per semester.  I sweated, I had no interpreter for me because I cud not hear. I read my teacher's eyes were so tired from the strain.

But let me tell you who I am.  I am determined!  I am a fighter!  I was never going to give up!  I am persistent!  I prayed to God!  I was able later to take  2 classes per semester but not more than that. It took me a while to graduate from College.

On that Graduation Day...I wore my cap and gown that day  and I said to my mom  and dad,  "Now this cap  and gown and degree means something.  Now you  can be proud of me.  Now,  you  can take lots of pictures.  Now, we can have a party with friends and family.

After I graduated I took all of my grades from College..every single one of them  and went to my High School  at Dearborn High  and went to see the teacher that told me, "Marianne, it is not possible for you to go to College.   I walked in the classroom  and I said to you remember me?  He said, your'e Marianne.  I showed him my grades from College.  He looked at them for a long while and asked me...These are your grades?  I said,  yes.  Then I went on to tell him...Never tell  any of your students what then cannot do.  I can come to your class any time to share with these kids  that with lots of hard work you can do  anything you set your mind to.  I left the classroom that day with my head held high  and I had the biggest smile ever on my face.  I am deaf  and I am proud.
In Jesus Precious Name, Marianne


  1. I love it!!!!! YAY Marianne...the fighter and victor!!!! :-) This made me smile!!!!

  2. Love your determination Marianne! Glad you didn't let a negative person stop you from your goal and dream. Very proud of you for fighting and being an example for others. You Rock girl!