Friday, January 21, 2011

My Family to start off on my blog

I  am excited to start my own blog.  I have many things to share with my friends.  I am a good writer and and I have several true stories I want to share with you.  But first I will start off my blog by telling you about my family.
I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.  I am the youngest in the family.  My oldest sister is Carol and my second sister is Joan and my brother came in third and his name is Bob.  My sister, Joan and my brother Bob are now in Heaven.  Carol worked in social work, Joan had worked in Hospice Care and Bob was director of a Boy's home.  They are all married and have children.  I am the only one that never married.  I worked with animals and was a Veterinarian Technician, dog groomer, Professional Pet Sitter, and a Letter Carrier.
My mom was a homemaker and she was a very talented painter.  I have many of her paintings in my home.  She passed away in 1996 at the age of 95.  My dad was a stock broker  and when he retired from his job, he went into the seminary and became the oldest deacon in the archediocese of Detroit.  He assisted the chaplin at Oakwood Hospital and any patient requesting Holy Communion and prayer he was available to them.  My dad was also a Fish Driver which means he took people to Dr. appointments, grocery shopping, get their prescriptions.  Both my parents loved the Lord deeply.  My dad passed away in 1992 at  the age of 83.  I was raised a Catholic and I became a member of Merriman Road Baptist Church 5 years ago.  I will be writing in my blog about many things and ya all will know me better.
In Jesus Precious Name, Mariann


  1. great job Marianne....I look forward to reading all about Brady! :-) Hugs!!! Kim

  2. I've started reading Marianne, and enjoyed this first part. What a wonderful home for you and siblings, having such fine parents.