Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Potter and Me

When Jesus my Potter first saw me on that long ago day
Saw that I was nothing but a big Ol' lump of clay

It wasn't very easy to let Jesus work inside of me
It hurts sometimes and I wanted him to just let me be

Sometimes he takes me way way out of my comfort zone
Sometimes he reaches inside my heart and chisels out that ugly stone

Sometimes he allows me to have so so much pain
That I cry a river of tears while standing in the rain

After many months and years and up to this very day
I am no more just a big Ol' lump of clay

My Potter's work is far is far from done
But when he's finished I will be so much like Jesus the Son

Rejoice Rejoice no matter where you stand
For you will always be in Jesus hands


  1. Thanks for sharing this today during the service. God is blessing your gift!

  2. Marianne....this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with're such a talented writer....xoxo's.